The 4 Things Senate Republicans Are Not Saying When They Talk About the Economic Impact of COVID-19

Republicans short-sighted COVID response is hurting our economic recovery.

“A moment of job loss can lead to a lack of jobs for a long time…That will be particularly true for people who come into this cycle with less buffer against the vicissitudes of our very dynamic economy.”– Hearing Testimony from Dr. Doug Elmendorf, Dean of the Harvard Kennedy School and CBO director from 2009–2015

“There are also a lot of additional expenditures that states and localities have undertaken to combat the virus and the effects of the pandemic. That is in the national interest, and I think it is appropriate that the taxpayer pick up that tab in whole or in part.” — Hearing Testimony from Dr. Doug Holtz-Eakin, President of the American Action Forum and CBO director from 2003–2005

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