How the American Rescue Plan is Making an Impact in All 50 States

Since its passage in March 2021, the American Rescue Plan has helped hard-working families in every corner of our country. This bold legislation helped to change the course of the pandemic and get our nation on the path to recovery. It put money in pockets with the expanded and enhanced Child Tax Credit and other direct relief efforts. It put shots in arms and helped the United States ramp up critical vaccination efforts. And it continues to help our children safely remain in school.

And we’re still seeing the life-changing and life-saving impact in our local communities. The relief included in the American Rescue Plan is helping support our long-term recovery, address local needs, and strengthen our economic outlook.

Check out this interactive map to see how the American Rescue Plan is helping your state!

The American Rescue Plan was the right legislation at the right time. But our work is not over. With both the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Build Back Better Act, we can deliver the transformational investments our nation and its families need. We can lower costs, cut taxes, and create millions of good-paying jobs. Democrats are ready to Build Back Better.




Fighting for budget priorities that reflect the values of families across the country.

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House Budget Committee Majority

House Budget Committee Majority

Fighting for budget priorities that reflect the values of families across the country.

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