An Inflection Point for America

Why Our Nation Needs the Transformational Investments in the Build Back Better Act

Decades of disinvestment in our nation and its people have resulted in serious deficits in our society. From children learning in outdated, crumbling schools to working families having to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table, Americans are paying the price for this disinvestment in our nation and its potential.

Now our nation is at an inflection point. This is our opportunity to build a nation where everyone is given a fair chance and working families have the support they need to thrive.

There’s one bill that can help make that possible: The Build Back Better Act.

The Challenges We Face

The coronavirus pandemic has infected tens of millions of Americans and taken the lives of more than 700,000 loved ones. Simultaneously, our nation has grappled with the economic fallout.

While the American Rescue Plan helped address the immediate health and economic concerns of the pandemic, it was not a long-term fix. Many of the challenges facing the American people predated the pandemic.

In fact, many of these issues have been compounded by the COVID-19 crisis:

· Health care costs

· Housing costs

· Child care costs

· Costs of college

· Rising impacts of the climate crisis

We can’t return to the way things were before, we need to Build Back Better.

How the Build Back Better Act Will Address the Deficits in Our Society

The Build Back Better Act will make transformative investments to address the things that keep Americans up at night.

Even better, this transformative legislation makes these investments at the scale necessary to address dangerous deficits in our society. Plus, it will improve our economic outlook and set America up to compete and win in the decades ahead.

A graphic with a gradient blue background and text that features four priorities of the Build Back Better Act: price of medicine, the climate crisis, child care, and the cost of college.

With the Build Back Better Act, we can:

Cut taxes for the middle class. The Build Back Better Act will deliver one of the biggest middle-class tax cuts in history, keeping more money in the pockets of working families.

Create jobs. With pro-growth investments in the care economy, expanded educational opportunities, and new resources to combat the climate crisis, the Build Back Better Act will create jobs in communities across America.

Lower costs for working families. Families are struggling with the high cost of health care, child care, and education. The historic investments in the Build Back Better Act will cut costs for the things that keep Americans up at night. That includes putting affordable, quality health care within reach of more Americans.

Tackle the climate crisis and strengthen resilience. The Build Back Better Act will provide comprehensive investments, including clean energy and transportation tax credits, to help us reduce our carbon footprint. It invests in clean energy, efficiency, electrification, and climate justice for frontline communities.

Make the investments responsibly. The Build Back Better Act is prudently offset by provisions to ensure that high earners and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. By ensuring that those at the top pay their fair share, we can make these investments and ensure Americans making less than $400,000 a year will not see their taxes increase by a penny.

A graphic with a gradient blue background and white text that says “If nurses, teachers, and firefighters can pay their fair share, millionaires and big corporations can pay their fair share too.”

How House Budget Democrats are Doing Our Part to Deliver the Build Back Better Act

Throughout a recent markup of the Build Back Better Act, House Budget Democrats underscored how this bill meets the immediate and long-term needs of America’s families and workers.

As Chairman John Yarmuth said:

“These long-overdue investments will ensure our economy works for all Americans and will deliver the largest tax cut for the middle class in history. The bill will extend the expanded Child Tax Credit while making sure the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.”

The Time is Now to Build Back Better

With the urgent, interconnected crises facing the American people, these critical investments cannot wait.

Instead of a top-down approach, the Build Back Better Act will ensure broadly shared prosperity for generations to come. Now is the time to meet the moment and deliver these transformative investments for the American people.




Fighting for budget priorities that reflect the values of families across the country.

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House Budget Committee Majority

House Budget Committee Majority

Fighting for budget priorities that reflect the values of families across the country.

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